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      Five core businesses mainly include precision machining, CNC machine tools, metal 3D printing equipment, metal surface treatment, and mask business division

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        Precision Machining
        "Precision Machining"Main Product Introduction
        Key parts for large and medium-sized marine diesel engines, parts for medium and high voltage electrical switches, parts for elevator machinery, parts for medical equipment, etc.
      • 02
        CNC machine tools
        "CNC machine tools"Main Product Introduction
        "Providing high-quality and cheap machines" is not only the purpose of our CNC products, but also being implemented in every aspect of the company, and it is also the motivational goal of every Fowell employee.
      • 03
        Metal 3D printing equipment
        "Metal 3D printing equipment"Main Product Introduction

        To undertake customized metal 3D printing products;

         Life medicine, aviation industry, marine power, ordnance equipment, molds, precision machinery parts, industrial machinery parts samples rapid manufacturing, personalized crafts customization.

      • 04
        Metal surface treatment
        "Metal surface treatment"Main Product Introduction
        Provide high-quality surface treatment supporting products for the communication and automotive industries.
      • 05
        Mask machine division
        "Mask machine division"Main Product Introduction
        Kn95 semi-automatic sheet punching and edge banding machine, kn95 automatic mask machine, kn95 ear band welding machine, one drag two plane mask machine, one drag one plane mask machine
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